Monday, 27 August 2012

Fashion (Credo)

The tragedy of modern life
Is that people must be told,
For all that under Heaven is,
What’s good and what’s to like.
Fashion is a perfect scold,
We ignore her at our peril.
If any man stand up to her
He’s left out in the cold.
But Fashion is not clever,
Her head is easily turned.
Though cheaply won
With wiles and flattery,
Beware her infamous moods.
Imagined slights
And dictums spurned
Soon excite displeasure.
What wisdom may we elicit,
In answer to such calls
As: “What to do?”
And: “How to live?”
Do what’s right (as Father said),
And hold your head up high,
In spite of all that befall us
There’s nothing else for it.